• Pavee Point

    Traveller & Roma Centre

    Celebrating 30 Years in 2015!

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  • Roma Needs Assessment

    Pavee Point are very excited to be embarking on the first Government commissioned national needs assessment of Roma in Ireland.

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  • Public Sector Duty

    Seminar notes and photos- A Positive Duty in Mainstreaming Equality and human rights on a statutory basis in Ireland

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speechEthnic Data Monitoring

Pavee Point has been focusing on Ethnicity and data collection with a series of seminars and information sharing opportunities. See the information here.

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Pavee Point currently have vacancies for a Roma Project Worker, Roma Researchers and participants on our Community Employment Scheme.

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journalInformation Sessions!

Pavee Point Information sessions offers a monthly presentation on Traveller Culture, issues facing Travellers, Human Rights and racism. The presentation can be geared to a wide audience, or targeted to specific groups or levels of expertise.

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